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We work as a team, just the two of us - Installing, Replacing, Moving

  • Interactive Whiteboards

  • Projectors

  • Network Cabling (Tested and Certified)

  • Troubleshooting

  • Switches

  • Extra Network Points

  • Foyer Display TV's    ...The list goes on

If you any need work in this area, please get in contact with us
We can also supply PAT testing

A new bank of eight network points

Spot the projector in this photo....


Attention to Detail is of paramount importance to us for a neat and tidy job. All cables are hidden from view wherever possible.

Here we replaced an ageing projector with a new Casio. They are small, lightweight and come with a 5 year all inclusive warranty including the light source, which bye the way, is no longer a lamp containing mercury but now uses LASER / LED technology.

Here we installed a complete new Smart Board and Casio Projector.

Here again we have replaced an old projector with a Casio. So neat. Only 8 seconds to power on! and instant to power off. You can even switch straight back on again if you need to and it still only takes 8 seconds! With 2500 Lumens, these projectors are plently bright enough with the lights on, blinds up and even on a sunny day.      

If you like what you see, and this is only a very small sample, please get in touch. We are happy to talk to you. We believe in what we do and take quality and attention to detail very personally. You wont find a little pile of brick dust where we've drilled a hole or classroom equipment moved and not put back. No job is too small and each job is costed on its individual merits.

We can also undertake all of your Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) needs. This includes computer equipment. Fully qualified and with fully calibrated test equipment, we can work through you building with minimum disruption. If any items fail the test, we attempt a repair which, quite often, only involves rewiring a plug or something simple but the aim is to complete the testing with no failures outstanding.
Watch this space for our Gallery of Horrors! where items have failed in a spectacular way!

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